Sep 3, 2019

New product development

1 tissue – 2 formats: maximum flexibility

The Phenion® Full-Thickness Skin Model is now also available in inserts!

Listening to the needs of our customers, we have developed a new application format of our Full- Thickness skin model: The tissue is now grown completely in culture inserts. With a surface area of 1.5 cm2, the model size is identical to our standard version, routinely cultured on sterile filter papers, which is e.g. the basis for the validated 3D Skin Comet assay (OECD TG in preparation).

The defined insert compartment above the tissue surface allows e.g. the inoculation with microorganisms without contaminating the rest of the culture system, as well as the treatment with larger volumes of test items. This format also paves the way for the automation of tests, as the tissues in inserts can be precisely handled by robotic elements.

The specially designed inserts allow the culture of the tissues either in a hanging position, preferably in 6-well or 12-well plates, or, due to small sockets underneath the insert, in an upright standing position in culture vessels of any format. With this flexibility in use the fields of application for the Phenion® FT Skin Model are further expanded.

The insert-based FT models are produced under the same high-quality conditions as the standard version which guarantees identical tissue architecture and excellent physiological properties.

You will find the Phenion® FT INSERT Skin Model with its own product ID “FT INSERT-1” in the “Request a quotation” menu at our website at The price of this skin model is 150 $ per tissue.