Jul 11, 2018

Cooperation in the field of in vitro dermatological testing

Henkel and Dermatest intensify their business relations

Dermatest and Henkel have confirmed their intention to closer cooperate in the field of in vitro dermatological testing, based on the innovative Phenion® Full-Thickness (FT) Skin Model. The agreement between both companies will strengthen Henkel’s position as Dermatest’s preferred supplier of full-thickness skin equivalents, whereas Dermatest will benefit from the long-standing experiences of the Henkel scientists in dermatology and in vitro methods.

The Dermatest Research Institute for Reliable Results, located in Münster, Germany, is a specialist for the dermatological assessment of cosmetic products. For this purpose the Dermatest scientists have developed and adopted a large set of test methods which serve product safety issues on the one hand and efficacy and application issues on the other hand. Beside volunteer studies Dermatest also focusses on in vitro analyses to look at dermal physiological mechanisms in more detail.

For many in vitro applications Dermatest trusts in the Phenion® Full-Thickness (FT) Skin Model. This state-of-the art 3D tissue equivalent is used to study e.g. the integrity of the skin barrier, dermal differentiation processes, tissue viability, cell proliferation rate and many more parameters after exposure to a cosmetic formulation.

"The cooperation with Dermatest gives us the opportunity to deepen our research activities in cooperation with a renowned and independent institute in the field of dermatological testing”, says Dr. Dirk Petersohn, Director Biological &Clinical Research at Henkel. “In addition, we are gathering new and far-reaching insights into the use of the Phenion Full-Thickness (FT) model".

The Phenion® Full-Thickness Skin Model consists of both a fully differentiated epidermis and a dermis which is composed of human fibroblasts embedded in a mechanically robust collagen sponge. Its in vivo-like histological and physiological features, paired with its good handling properties, makes the Phenion® Full-Thickness Skin Model the preferred 3D FT skin equivalent at Dermatest.