Mar 7, 2019

New product development

Large Phenion® FT Skin Models now available!

The Phenion® Skin Model portfolio has got a new member: The Phenion® Full-Thickness LARGE Skin Model. With a surface area of 7.7 cm2 the LARGE tissue exceeds the standard FT model more than fivefold in size.

The diameter of the standard Phenion® FT Skin Model is 1.4 cm, providing an area of 1.5 cm2 for the topical application of substances of any physical properties. Starting at March 1st, 2019, effectively, we offer a new version with a diameter of 3.1 cm, thus addressing the need for large bioartificial skin tissues in special applications. 

The LARGE models will open the door for applications and experimental set-ups which could not be realized with standard full-thickness skin models. In addition, all methods and analytical processes developed for the smaller-sized models can be applied to the LARGE model, too. Thus, our protocols, which you will find on the Phenion website are also valid for the LARGE models.

The excellent tissue architecture as well as the in-vivo-like physiological and biochemical properties of the LARGE skin models are similar to the features expressed in the normal-sized FT skin equivalent. The LARGE skin model consists of both a dermis populated with primary human fibroblasts and a fully differentiated epidermis, grown from primary human keratinocytes. Fibroblasts and keratinocytes originate from the same human donor, thus they are genetically identical.

Culturing the LARGE models is as convenient as experienced with the smaller version. All material needed to put the models back into culture after arrival at your lab is included in the parcel.

We do not make any compromise when it comes to quality: Skin models are produced in accordance to approved SOPs and quality control processes. Every LARGE skin model is scanned by non-invasive optical coherence tomography (OCT) before leaving our production site. This standardized procedure ensures that you will receive only optimally grown and differentiated tissues.

You will find the Phenion® Full-Thickness LARGE Skin Model with its own product ID “FT LARGE-1” in the “Request a quotation” menu at our website. The price for this large size skin model is 235 € per tissue.